The residential program is an inherent part of the project in by which a special commission headed by Etgar Keret will invite artists from around the world to visit Poland. Under the international residence program many artists’ lectures and conferences will take place. The participants of the program will have an opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the capital, will take part in the creation of artworks dedicated to Warsaw. The international residence program taking place in the heart of Warsaw’s Wola district will ensure amazing working conditions for art creation and will certainly become a world intellectual exchange platform.

Artist in Residence in Keret House

Void Spaces

We invite young artists acting in different fields of art to artistic residence in Keret House in Warsaw. The basic point of this year’s residence programme “Void Spaces” is the notion of void in the space that surrounds us.

The notion of void in space relates to the artistic installation project, but also to the city where Keret House is located. Rough historical experience led to the fact that Warsaw was practically built anew. A flood of war damage and post-war urban decisions resulted in splitting and smashing of the urban tissue by temporary and random building development. This process created torn places, chaotic empty spaces and wastelands. Incoherent, overlapping historical layers turned the city into an ambiguous and intriguing space.

The presence of void is bound up with the absence of human. Void can be the shortage, but also the excess. Intended void manifests itself in reduction and minimalism of forms. Architecture creates shapes by producing void, vacuum becomes an architectural element. The shape of a building is juxtaposed with empty space.

The development of space in which we live affects the sphere of our dreams. Do we want to fill the void or do we need it? Who should fill the empty space? Can void gain identity? How to interpret void spaces?

Stays at Keret House

Artistic residence for young artists acting in the following fields: architecture, literature, visual arts, music, film.

Organiser: Polish Modern Art Foundation
The project is co-funded by the City of Warsaw. 

All projects, which will be realized by artists during Keret House AIR Program, will be published in the begining 2014.